Speed Weight Loss

Researchers believe that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract helps speed weight loss. Taking one to two capsules a day before a meal can stimulate fat burning and help you avoid cravings.Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/how-can-green-coffee-bean-extract-help-with-weight-loss.html

Forgetfulness Menopause

Many women are susceptible to experiencing forgetfulness during menopause. Taking a natural supplement like DON’T PAUSE can help get your memory back on track and improve other symptoms as well. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/forgetfulness-during-menopause-and-what-to-do-about-it.html

Weight Loss with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Obesity is an epidemic in this country and can lead to serious health problems. Coupled with a well-rounded diet and exercise, green coffee bean extract can help people lose weight healthily. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/need-to-lose-weight-green-coffee-beans-extract-could-help.html

Menopause Bloating

Women often experience a range of symptoms during menopause, and bloating is one of them. Altering your diet, incorporating more exercise, and taking DON’T PAUSE can help reduce bloating. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/fighting-menopause-bloating-with-the-help-of-natural-supplements.html


Many men suffer from ED throughout the country. Those who are overweight or physically inactive are the most at risk. Enhanced Function for Men releases a chemical that stimulates blood flow to help a man hold an erection. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/battling-erectile-dysfunction-with-the-help-of-natural-supplements.html

Enhanced Function for Men

Nitric oxide is a chemical in the body essential for having erections and maintaining them long enough for sex. Taking one capsule of Enhanced Function for Men with breakfast can help men enjoy sex and restore their virility. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/enhanced-function-for-men-and-its-effects.html

Menopause Sexual Drive

Sexual desire tends to ebb and flow throughout our lives. After puberty, the sex drive can be cyclical in nature, peaking during ovulation and declining at other times. During menopause, this cycle can change. Women may experience a sudden and significant decline in their menopause sexual drive. This problem tends to be worse between 35 and 64. Read more @ http://www.menopausesexualdrive.com/

Breast Tenderness

Women in the midst of menopause often experience breast tenderness. Taking one to two capsules of DON’T PAUSE daily can help balance your hormones and relieve symptoms like breast tenderness. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/how-to-deal-with-breast-tenderness-during-menopause.html

Menopause Water Retention

Water retention during menopause can be a huge problem for up to 90 percent of women. Technically known as edema, menopause water retention occurs when body tissues absorb too much liquid from blood. The lymphatic system is designed to remove the excess along with waste and circulate it back into the bloodstream. If you have water retention menopause, DON’T PAUSE and lifestyle changes may be able to provide you with the relief you need. Read more @ http://www.menopausewaterretention.com/

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans or unroasted coffee beans have been proven to aid in weight loss. To keep your weight at a healthy level, try supplementing diet and exercise with green coffee bean extract. Read more @ http://www.menopauseguide.com/using-green-coffee-bean-extract-for-losing-weight.html